Fuel Savings Has Become Trendy

From FuelPub Blog: ” You know something has changed in the trucking world when all the major truck and engine manufacturers are talking about fuel economy… at the Mid-America Truck Show. That’s right, at THE truck show for owner-operators, the place where big bore diesels and raw horsepower trump all, everyone was talking about fuel efficiency. And they weren’t just talking about in private conversations, on the side. They were leading off with fuel economy, treating it like a selling point (which it always should be anyway). Fuel Savings Has Become Trendy

Small Packages Have Big Impact

From Greenbiz.com: ” When Stonyfield Farms, the organic yogurt manufacturer in Londonderry, N.H., conducted a lifecycle assessment of its yogurt packaging in 1992, it was an early pioneer of the trend to reduce packaging waste in the manufacturing environment. At that time, being a good environmental citizen was low on the priority list of most manufacturers, but times have changed.” Small Packages Have Big Impact

Eight Steps to a Greener Supply Chain

From worldtrademag.com: “Just the sheer complexity of today’s long and global supply chains might be enough to daunt any thought of where to start to implement green strategies and technologies. But there is a lot of help available out there to make the journey an easier one.
Companies are carefully evaluating their supply chains—as well as their lean and continuous improvements in manufacturing processes and business management decisions—to make them more sustainable while increasing their bottom lines.” Eight Steps to a Greener Supply Chain

New Carbon Tax Receives Praise, Sparks Criticism

From cbc.ca: ” An environmental group praised the B.C. government for putting a price on carbon emissions but the opposition said the carbon tax introduced in Tuesday’s budget is not revenue neutral to low-income earners. Finance Minister Carole Taylor announced in Victoria that as part of the new tax plan, carbon-based fuels — including gasoline, diesel, natural gas and home heating fuel — will be taxed at $10/tonne of greenhouse gases generated, starting July 1.” New Carbon Tax Receives Praise, Sparks Criticism

How Greenwashing Works

From How Stuff Works: ” In a society that’s increasingly aware of its own negative impact on the natural world, it’s no surprise corporations compete for consumer approval by promoting themselves as environmentally friendly or green. Such promotions might be as simple as sprinkling product packaging with leafy logos or as involved as publicizing investments in emerging technologies. Organizations spend billions of dollars each year in an attempt to convince consumers that their operations have a minimal impact on the environment. But can you believe the claims? How much environmental marketing is simply greenwashing?”  How Greenwashing Works

The Dirt on Greenwashing from Wikipedia

From wikipedia.com: “Greenwash (a portmanteau of green and whitewash) is a term that is used to describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. The term Green sheen has similarly been used to describe organisations which attempt to appear that they are adopting practices benefical to the environment.” The Dirt on Greenwashing from Wikipedia