Environment Will Drive Major Logistics Real Estate Shift

One can’t turn around today without seeing the growing impact rising environmental consciousness is having on both consumer choices and by extension business practices. As companies become more environmentally astute, either through brute force of customer will or in combination with the leadership of key employees, all aspects of the business will be driven to reduce carbon outputs.

As this process unfolds, it will become readily apparent that approximately 75 percent of most companies carbon output emanates from the supply chain, with the key generator of this carbon output being transportation. Many network consolidation programs have resulted in major increases in transportation which process may now need to be at least partially reversed. As well, many of the warehouses and distribution centers in these networks are outdated, or have been built to significantly lower environmental standards than are currently emerging through the LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. Read on to learn how both of these drivers are going to result in a major shift in Logistics Real Estate playing out over the next several years. Environment Will Drive Major Logistics Real Estate Shift