The Ethical Sourcing Forum North America 09

From CSRWire: “Sustainability Solutions, the leading provider of supply chain sustainability solutions will host the 7th Annual Ethical Sourcing Forum (ESF) North America on March 26-27, 2009 at Bridgewaters in New York City, USA. This years ESF North America will deliver new strategies and practices to address the latest social and environmental challenges facing global supply chain professionals and stakeholders.

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Greening the Supply Chain for the Greater Good

From “Companies are under pressure to make their supply chains greener. There are several reasons but most revolve around regulations, quality and enhancing value for companies and their suppliers. During the last four years, the nonprofit World Environment Center has helped companies such as Alcoa, General Motors, Dow Chemical and Johnson and Johnson strengthen their extended supply chains. The results from these projects are compiled and analyzed in “Greening the Supply Chain in Emerging Markets: Some Lessons from the Field.” The report is second in our new GreenBiz Reports series by thought leaders in the green business arena.” See the transcript or listen to the podcast at Greening the Supply Chain for the Greater Good

Green Supply Chain Needs an Apollo Program

From “Earlier this year, congressman and author Jay Inslee spoke to a gathering of Bainbridge Graduate Institute MBA students about his book – Apollo’s Fire, Igniting America’s Clean Energy Economy. Congressman Inslee offers a well-thought out hypothesis that there is a need for “a revolution that will transform our economy with new technologies, reinvest in our communities, and create millions of new ‘green collar’ jobs.” This revolution, I believe, must not only begin in clean energy but also must be started in all areas of sustainability.”

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