Carbon Offsetting Trends Survey 2008

From ” This survey is among the first to look at the ways that large, multinational corporations are addressing their carbon footprints from within, and what strategies they’re using to offset the emissions they can’t avoid. The study sampled 65 companies across industries about their attitudes towards offsets and what steps they’re taking to improve their environmental performance.

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Explore the Supply Chain as a Carbon Target

From Australian Business: “While the Australian Government continues its consultations on the proposed emissions trading scheme, companies in Britain have begun looking for creative ways to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing energy use in their supply chains. Booz & Co Sydney-based consultant Greg Lavery said several British companies had been examining more energy-efficient supply chains as a “hidden source of emissions reductions”.

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Transportation Matters Video – Can You Stand the Heat?

Carriers large and small are looking into options to create green plans for their transportation business for both financial reasons and to be prepared for any future legislation on the environment and carbon emissions reduction. In Part 3 of this series James Menzies introduces some simple steps carriers can take to implement a green plan. Transportation Matters Video – Can You Stand the Heat?

Grocers Going Green with GreenChill Program

(Washington, D.C. – Sept. 9, 2008) Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) named Giant Eagle Inc. and Harris Teeter Inc. as the first winners of its GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership Environmental Achievement Award. The award recognizes the two food retailers for emitting the lowest rates of ozone-depleting refrigerant in GreenChill’s first year.

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Japan Announces 2008 Green Logistics Projects

From “The Green Logistics Partnership Conference (held by the Japan Institute of Logistics Systems, Japan Federation of Freight Industries, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, cooperation from Nippon Keidanren) selected projects that it will promote in FY 2008 from among those in which cargo owners and logistics businesses will make joint efforts to reduce CO2 emissions (institutional support projects and dissemination projects) in addition to projects selected from those submitted to the first call for invitation (11 institutional support projects and 35 dissemination projects). Projects selected this time are two institutional support projects and nine dissemination projects.” Japan Announces 2008 Green Logistics Projects

World Sky Race to Promote Airship Alternative

From ” The World Sky Race is an historic tour and competition of lighter-than-air skyships racing 30,000+ miles. In sixteen back to back races that completely span the globe, the overall winner will be crowned World Sky Champion. The competing skyships will travel from the Greenwich Prime Meridian southward to Africa and the Middle East, across the Indian Ocean to Equatorial Asia and through the Orient, island hop across the Pacific to the western shores of North America, down to Central America, up to the North Atlantic and crossing back to Prime Meridian for an exciting finish in an historic race, completing a full global circumnavigation.

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