Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy

From ” Rising energy costs, global concern about greenhouse gases and climate change are driving the world’s biggest companies to pressure suppliers to go green and ask very tough questions about how companies handle environmental and social issues. The NA 2008 Keynote will provide a compelling blueprint for how forward thinking companies can address critical environmental issues, from climate change to energy to water, and improve their manufacturing and supply chain performance, gain competitive advantage, and increase profits.”

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Supply chain reporting: Pandora’s box of emissions?

From “Reporting leaders, including Tesco, Dell and Nestle, are being urged to find out what their suppliers’ carbon footprints are. The move is getting a mixed response. It is five years since the global climate change initiative, the Carbon Disclosure Project, first received backing from investors to ask the world’s largest companies to report annually on their direct emissions. Now a new and much more complex side to carbon emissions reporting is beginning to be addressed. Company supply chains. Supply chain reporting: Pandora’s box of emissions?

Fiji Water Releases Carbon Footprint

From “FIJI® Water announced today (April 9th) that it had joined the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration to fully disclose the carbon footprint of its products. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the world’s largest investor coalition on climate change, will work with FIJI Water to engage with suppliers to disclose their emissions.

FIJI Water is the first privately-owned U.S. company to join the Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration, which uses the CDP information request to engage with suppliers to encourage them to measure and disclose their carbon emissions. Measurement is the first key step to managing emissions.” Fiji Water Releases Carbon Footprint

Fuel Savings Has Become Trendy

From FuelPub Blog: ” You know something has changed in the trucking world when all the major truck and engine manufacturers are talking about fuel economy… at the Mid-America Truck Show. That’s right, at THE truck show for owner-operators, the place where big bore diesels and raw horsepower trump all, everyone was talking about fuel efficiency. And they weren’t just talking about in private conversations, on the side. They were leading off with fuel economy, treating it like a selling point (which it always should be anyway). Fuel Savings Has Become Trendy

Small Packages Have Big Impact

From ” When Stonyfield Farms, the organic yogurt manufacturer in Londonderry, N.H., conducted a lifecycle assessment of its yogurt packaging in 1992, it was an early pioneer of the trend to reduce packaging waste in the manufacturing environment. At that time, being a good environmental citizen was low on the priority list of most manufacturers, but times have changed.” Small Packages Have Big Impact