David Suzuki vs. Walmart CEO: The 2010 Walmart Canada Green Business Summit Recap

A Walmart business summit, with keynote speech by Dr. David Suzuki. How could these two seemingly opposed global forces exist in the same confined space? This I had to see.

The sun was just rising as I wheeled up to Vancouver’s Pan Pacific Hotel, to find out what Walmart had up its sleeve when it invited 350 top retail execs and competitors for the Walmart Canada Green Business Summit.

The Mayor, the Premier, environmental alarm, sustainability case studies, live wireless polling, this show had it all. I even got to ask the Walmart CEO, face-to-face, about their business model and position on packaging take-back recycling.

This blog is going to run on a bit, but I wanted to keep all of the info in one document, so grab an organic java and get comfortable. David Suzuki vs. Walmart CEO: The 2010 Walmart Canada Green Business Summit Recap

The Ethical Sourcing Forum North America 09

From CSRWire: “Sustainability Solutions, the leading provider of supply chain sustainability solutions will host the 7th Annual Ethical Sourcing Forum (ESF) North America on March 26-27, 2009 at Bridgewaters in New York City, USA. This years ESF North America will deliver new strategies and practices to address the latest social and environmental challenges facing global supply chain professionals and stakeholders.

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World Sky Race to Promote Airship Alternative

From worldskyrace.com: ” The World Sky Race is an historic tour and competition of lighter-than-air skyships racing 30,000+ miles. In sixteen back to back races that completely span the globe, the overall winner will be crowned World Sky Champion. The competing skyships will travel from the Greenwich Prime Meridian southward to Africa and the Middle East, across the Indian Ocean to Equatorial Asia and through the Orient, island hop across the Pacific to the western shores of North America, down to Central America, up to the North Atlantic and crossing back to Prime Meridian for an exciting finish in an historic race, completing a full global circumnavigation.

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Kraft Goes Green with Underground Facility

“Kraft Foods today marked the opening of a 400,000-square-foot warehouse in Springfield Underground that will serve as a central distribution hub for the food manufacturer.

The facility, 3610 E. Kearney St., was built-to-suit by owner Springfield Underground, according to a news release. Westerville, Ohio-based Exel staffs the center with 91 employees who provide inbound and outbound services including storage of finished goods, order picking and fulfillment.

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The Dirt on Greenwashing from Wikipedia

From wikipedia.com: “Greenwash (a portmanteau of green and whitewash) is a term that is used to describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. The term Green sheen has similarly been used to describe organisations which attempt to appear that they are adopting practices benefical to the environment.” The Dirt on Greenwashing from Wikipedia

Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy

From nashow.com: ” Rising energy costs, global concern about greenhouse gases and climate change are driving the world’s biggest companies to pressure suppliers to go green and ask very tough questions about how companies handle environmental and social issues. The NA 2008 Keynote will provide a compelling blueprint for how forward thinking companies can address critical environmental issues, from climate change to energy to water, and improve their manufacturing and supply chain performance, gain competitive advantage, and increase profits.”

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